Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sitting Tall!

Were we never told to sit upright as children, how to keep our shoulders back and have a straight spine?  How fashion distorted our feet and how stooped we got with our heavy loads!

In the olden days we stayed upright despite all the hard manual labour men and women faced (as in washdays!).

Nowadays children no longer are warned about posture as they protrude their necks to watch TV, computers and electronic games - in general they don't heed the health warnings regarding these hazardous passtimes.  Hazardous to their health, posture and breath.

It is time that we gather together as a people to address this issue, so that as these children get older they don't suffer the way the older generation does.

Pure ignorance followed by pain can be changed to pure bliss by addressing posture, quality of breath, and learning the magic of Qi Touch to help re-align one another.

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