Sunday, 1 September 2013

True to our Roots Qi Gong Workshops

I am launching my new system of spontaneous Qi Gong, "True to our Roots Qi Gong" and am looking for anyone interested in me giving workshops.

It is a discovery into our primordial self-healing system, which is directed by our entire fluid system.

The aim is to bring our awareness back to our innate self-healing abilities through re-adjusting our posture, re-familiarising ourselves with our breath, and connecting with the flow of our energy (Qi or Chi)

True to our Roots is about connecting with our primordial selves again, allowing spontaneity of movement to occur, while our mind naturally retreats and becomes the observer.

This is totally removed from forms and disciplines, and breaks through whatever boundaries are limiting us from being fluid, re-awakening our senses and reclaiming our self-power regarding our bodies' well-being.

Anyone interested please contact me on 01600 890 737, or email me at,

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  1. Hi Nadia. That sounds interesting. I am also a visionary and has been practicing <a href=">qi gong </a>
    for several years. Looking forward for a talk. Thanks for this.