Sunday 1 September 2013

True to our Roots Qi Gong Workshops

I am launching my new system of spontaneous Qi Gong, "True to our Roots Qi Gong" and am looking for anyone interested in me giving workshops.

It is a discovery into our primordial self-healing system, which is directed by our entire fluid system.

The aim is to bring our awareness back to our innate self-healing abilities through re-adjusting our posture, re-familiarising ourselves with our breath, and connecting with the flow of our energy (Qi or Chi)

True to our Roots is about connecting with our primordial selves again, allowing spontaneity of movement to occur, while our mind naturally retreats and becomes the observer.

This is totally removed from forms and disciplines, and breaks through whatever boundaries are limiting us from being fluid, re-awakening our senses and reclaiming our self-power regarding our bodies' well-being.

Anyone interested please contact me on 01600 890 737, or email me at,

Masai Walking

The Doward Masai Walkers
Every Thursday I guide a group of enthusiasts in walking with body awareness, in the beautiful surroundings of our Herefordshire countryside.

I've introduced the Masai Nomadic walking technology in honour of my formative years spent in Africa.  It is a great excuse to socialise, enjoy the great outdoors, and have fun!

Who are the Masai people?

The Masai are nomadic cattle herders who live mainly in the East African Rift Valley.

Research has found that Masai Nomads have no knee, hip or back problems.  One witnesses how proud and straight their posture is with beautifully aligned bodies.  In fact most indigenous societies around the world, who walk barefoot, have well-aligned bodies.

What is Masai walking?
Masai walking trains your body in an appropriate way, from a physiological point of view, and also biomechanically engaging muscles you don't usually use, and those that support your body.

Walking barefoot encourages us to use our entire foot, from the heel, the outer edge of our feet which connects to the ground, to pushing off from our toes, encouraging our feet to become supple once more.

How we use our feet affects the whole of our body, and unfortunately footwear in general does not encourage this flexibility to occur!  Either the soles are too rigid (so toes are made redundant), or heels are too high, throwing the upper body forward and shortening the Achilles tendons.  Shoes tend to stabilize our joints moving them passively instead of engaging the muscles naturally.

When kicking off our shoes does that not feel wonderful?  How many of us have felt the benefits from walking barefoot on a sandy beach or on lush green grass? If you no longer remember when you last did this, try it now!

Another benefit of Masai Walking is improving our body shape!  Walking "tall and proud" gets your back, buttock, abdominal and thigh muscles, and your joints to work as they are designed to.

Our Doward Walkers have already felt muscles they did not know they had!  That was merely after adjusting their posture and walking slowly with new-found awareness, Masai Style!

Masai Nomadic Walking stimulates blood circulation and massages the arch of your feet. So, barefoot walking means re-alignment!  You will simply hold yourself straight again, which in turn will improve your posture and elongate your body.

Masai Nomadic walking on rough ground:-

You are probably wondering about the practicalities of walking with shoes?

As I love collecting shoes of all types (I know what it's like for "us girls"!), I would recommend for casual outdoor walking, very pliable shoes in which your toes are not made redundant, and preferably shoes without heel raises, so flat shoes (Vivo Barefoot shoes are excellent for example).

For those special times when we dress up wear your heels with renewed awareness at how you walk in them - keeping distances as short as possible, and kicking your gorgeous stilettos off as soon as is practically possible!


After having had both my hips resurfaced with metal, I re-educated my entire body in order to avoid damaging it any further with the help of Esther Gokhale's book "Eight Steps to a Painfree Back" who studied indigenous societies to re-address our bad postural habits.  Her work resonated totally with my own African upbringing, and made me understand that after years of pounding hard floors as an Aerobic Instructor without awareness of a misaligned body, which then caused the wear and tear in my hips, it was time to change!

Having scoured the country for successful treatment of the excruciating pain which I lived with for over ten years to no avail, I found freedom from pain by re-addressing my posture thanks to the Gokhale Method and also thanks to my wonderful African models who never complained of aches and pains despite all their hard manual labour.

Anyone interested in joining the Doward Masai Walkers, or wishing 1 on 1 sessions, or workshops please contact me on 01600 890 737, or email me at,

Reference:  Catherine Maillard from Doctissimo 2011 and MBT Physiotherapist Jocelyne Rolland

Sunday 7 April 2013

From Fitness Instructor to Cutting Edge Holistic Therapist

As a retired Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Qi Gong Instructor for twenty years, I have over the last fourteen years been working and developing as a Holistic Practitioner.

My training is mainly influenced by Traditional Chinese Acupressure and Energy (Qi or Chi) transmission.  I have created a method of re-aligning the skeletal, muscular and visceral system by allowing the person's own natural fluid system - your self-healing mechanism - to adjust itself.  This, therefore does not require invasive manipulation, or bone-cracking, just fluid motions which the body does by itself with me as facilitator.

The beauty of this method is that it does not bring forth pain, or only momentarily as the body sorts itself out, and also that once recovered a person can trigger this movement all by themselves, creating an amazing feelgood factor and new-found flexibility.  The difference between external exercise and this internal motion is that we no longer feel pain through stiffness of muscles or taxing our internal organs, but instead stimulate the production of all the various fluids our bodies produce in order for our entire system to stay well lubricated right into our old age, rather than drying out!

In True to our Roots Qi Gong I guide people gently to become aware of how they are in their body, and how to re-address their posture, so that whatever activities they do they can enjoy without injuring themselves.

The result is like having found the Elixir of Life and the Source of Youthfulness.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Tsunamis' power!

Have you ever felt your own Fluid System at work?

Have you tried focusing on the area in your body which needs the most attention, and then gently saying to your Fluid system:  "Please go and check this part out."  Then just allow the time for the fluid system to flow to that area, and allow and feel the liquids start to re-organize themselves.  Gross or minuscule movements may occur, externally or internally, allow it.  (This can be be done standing, sitting on a chair, lying down or on all four's).

These movements will feel involuntary, therefore, allow your mind to become the observer, rather than the controller.  It may cause you to make spontaneous sounds or breaths as well as physical movements.  Allow It!

This will do nothing more but to feel "delicious", and remember that this is your self-healing mechanism, so no harm can ever be done.  It all aims at liberating stiffness, and blockages within our system, using our own body's wisdom.

Remember that when you finish your Fluid Session, to always reconnect with your Lower Dantien, your Centre (The Belly), to ground and feel at peace.

This is the new way forward in Health and Fitness!  Based on Trust, and Self-Belief!!

Friday 4 January 2013

The Essence of True to our Roots Qi Gong

The Essence of True to our Roots Qi Gong I have just read in a wonderful book Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsh:

" A true Master is not the one with the most students but one who creates the most Masters...
A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge...."

It's essence is about finding your inner True Master and your inner self-healing Treasure, that which is our true Inheritance as Human Beings.

Our essence is that of True Love versus Anger and Fear!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Sitting Tall!

Were we never told to sit upright as children, how to keep our shoulders back and have a straight spine?  How fashion distorted our feet and how stooped we got with our heavy loads!

In the olden days we stayed upright despite all the hard manual labour men and women faced (as in washdays!).

Nowadays children no longer are warned about posture as they protrude their necks to watch TV, computers and electronic games - in general they don't heed the health warnings regarding these hazardous passtimes.  Hazardous to their health, posture and breath.

It is time that we gather together as a people to address this issue, so that as these children get older they don't suffer the way the older generation does.

Pure ignorance followed by pain can be changed to pure bliss by addressing posture, quality of breath, and learning the magic of Qi Touch to help re-align one another.

For more information please check my website: