Thursday 21 March 2013

Tsunamis' power!

Have you ever felt your own Fluid System at work?

Have you tried focusing on the area in your body which needs the most attention, and then gently saying to your Fluid system:  "Please go and check this part out."  Then just allow the time for the fluid system to flow to that area, and allow and feel the liquids start to re-organize themselves.  Gross or minuscule movements may occur, externally or internally, allow it.  (This can be be done standing, sitting on a chair, lying down or on all four's).

These movements will feel involuntary, therefore, allow your mind to become the observer, rather than the controller.  It may cause you to make spontaneous sounds or breaths as well as physical movements.  Allow It!

This will do nothing more but to feel "delicious", and remember that this is your self-healing mechanism, so no harm can ever be done.  It all aims at liberating stiffness, and blockages within our system, using our own body's wisdom.

Remember that when you finish your Fluid Session, to always reconnect with your Lower Dantien, your Centre (The Belly), to ground and feel at peace.

This is the new way forward in Health and Fitness!  Based on Trust, and Self-Belief!!