Monday 1 December 2014

Our Core .... Strong, Weak or ..... Tight?

Is our "Core" strong, weak or ..... Tight?

What is our Core?  Think about the apple core!  It is deep inside the apple and is rigid and stiff and holds the apple's pips, and the apple develops from the core outwards.  Our core is very similar, except that instead of it being stiff it is strong, juicy and resilient. For non vegetarians it is the "fillet" in our body called the Psoas Muscles, the best and most tender piece of steak one buys from the butcher!!  They lie deep inside the body and attach from the mid-part of our spine down and through our sitting bones pass over our hip joints to connect to the inside of our thigh bones.

These muscles play a large role in keeping our spine upright, like the guy ropes of  a circus tent and unlike the rest of our muscles they rely on our autonomous nervous system to function, ie, we cannot flex or stretch them at will like our biceps and triceps in our arms or hamstrings/quadriceps muscles in our thighs.  Yet they play a constant role in our walking and stretching actions, although we are unaware of them.  Healthy actions from our internal organs rely largely on the space created by our Psoas muscles, depending if they are tight or relaxed.

In the Fitness Industry the Core Muscles are encouraged to be strengthened in order to protect our back.  But do we ever stop and wonder what our core muscles actually are?  We are encouraged to strengthen our major abdominal and back muscles, but have we any idea exactly what is going on inside of us as we perform set and mainly linear exercises?  Do we follow the design of our muscles which are of a spiralling shape and fluid nature?  Are we causing more harm to our core muscles by strengthening them and therefore creating an even tighter external corset around an already tight core, when we ought to seek methods to let go rather than hold in, and creating a softer, fluid and supple body.  By changing our approach to HOW we exercise, we could look forward to enhancing our activities/sports, and to a pain-free and flexible ageing process

A huge factor connected to our Psoas Muscles is that they work in conjunction with the kidneys above which lie the adrenal glands, and are in charge of our "Fear, Flight, Freeze" reflex.

As Human Beings it is almost our birthright to suffer trauma at some point in our lives, which can set a pattern within us from birth onwards.  For survival's sake we allow this trauma to sit deeply within us without it ever discharging.  Throughout our life whatever causes us anxiety, tension or stress impacts our core, causing it to get tighter as we age, and pulling on our spine making us lean forward as time goes on and distorting the rest of our body.

How does it release?  Cats and dogs for example they shake naturally to diffuse whatever stress they may have experienced and get on with their lives, we don't do this as we have been conditioned not to over the centuries, therefore trauma, stress, tension accumulates in our core muscles causing us to overreact to any form of stressful stimulus.  This has become a natural pattern for survival's sake in our world.

Some amazing pioneers ( David Bercelli, founder of Trauma Release Exercises, and Liz Koch, have devised methods to trigger off our natural shaking mechanism in order to diffuse the deeply held-in energy within our core, which causes the body to shake uncontrollably for a while, leaving one exhilarated, and re-energised, and astounded at re-discovering an ability we all possess as Human Beings, that of our own internal energy field.  This allows us to become more "present in the moment"!

Various medical conditions are known to be alleviated by releasing The Psoas Muscles:   menstrual cramps, muscular aches and pains (ie. Fibromyalgia), post traumatic stress disorders, stress, tension, anxiety, anger.

Monday 11 August 2014

My baby's birth .... 35 years ago!

My baby's birth .... 35 years ago!

This morning about an hour ago I awoke and felt my fluid body waking up!  Moving me in yet again a very different way and this time opening my attention to my emotional state.  Bringing my awareness to clearing the residue of anger deep within me, that blockage which always seemed to prevent me from loving freely, passionately, with abandon.  What was it?  Why?  When all I have ever known is that I love the world and all that lives on it, and that I love to laugh, to give, to share so freely.  This has been a thorn in my side for years, not a single one of the magical forms or methods of healing I have learned have helped me ease this burden so far, until this very morning!

I started to put my fingers on individual points on my body, where pain seemed to be connected:  just above my right collarbone, middle solar plexus and right hip.  The pressure from my fingers triggered off little stretches under the skin, in the fascia, to finally release bigger stretches from the whole right side of my body without a glitch anywhere giving me a delicious elastic "cling-film effect"!

The right side where my liver resides and where anger is stored.  I asked my various Spirit friends/teachers/mothers to guide and help me clear this away from me, and I instantly saw and felt I was surrounded by vertical red and white barriers all around me, as if I had been barricaded in.  Why, how did this happen?  I guess that this goes way back when the little happy go lucky me had suffered so many knocks she had unconsciously created a protection barrier around herself in order to not get affected or hurt.

Tears were running from my eyes my mouth filled with saliva, my whole face stretched simultaneously as my hands and arms did in a spasm like stretch, held into eternity it seemed, to end into a whole body breath of release as I saw, in my mind's eye, the red and white barriers tumble down around me and being dragged away from me by an invisible force till they vanished.

My body felt as if it was lying on wet rock and bathing under a beautiful waterfall with golden light as though being cleansed and it suddenly dawned on me that 35 years ago I was lying with legs bound in stirrups waiting for the birth of my baby.  Waiting for three days, as he proceeded his downward journey nearly two months early!  He couldn't wait to join us!

This morning was like a re-birth for me as suddenly I felt freed from the shackles I had unconsciously built around me, preventing me from loving fully, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis at long last free to be really really TRUE to myself! Free and loving as my spirit is designed to be!

How symbolic, it dawned on me that this coincided with my baby's birth .... 35 years ago!

Thursday 15 May 2014

Clare Balding's Visit and Interview on Monday 12th May 2014

At 2PM on Monday 12th May 2014 in a deep rumbling giant Jaguar sports car, Clare Balding and her producer, Karen Gregor arrived in the midst of our woods to welcoming birdsong and sunshine bursting through our woodland glade.

They came to interview me while walking through the woods down to the River Wye, the Biblins, across the swing bridge to Symonds Yat East, to rest at The Saracens Head.  All this for the BBC Radio 4 Ramblings programme, which will be broadcast on Thursday 19th June at 3PM and on the following Saturday at 6AM.

Why would such a prestigious lady who presented the Olympics and Paralympics, and the Badminton Horse trials and many more programmes want to interview an ordinary person like me?  Well, it's not how I planned it!

My "calling" for lack of a better word, is to help the Public find their own self-healing powers through a system I discovered while busy healing myself from severe osteo-arthritis which resulted in two metal hips.  This system is now trademarked and called "True to our Roots Qi Gong".

In order to share this magical system with the public I decided to run a free walking group, on the Doward, called The Doward Masai walkers!  Bringing our awareness back to our posture and breath while absorbing the beauty of our environment.  At present I am running a study on how to maintain replacement hips for the rest of our earthly life with a group of volunteers who all have one or two artificial hips, with the same goal in mind.

One of my clients suggested I got in touch with the Ramblings programme which is what I did, and after a long phonecall from Karen Gregor, the programme's producer, last Monday became the surreal afternoon of our interview!  My initial idea was to involve The Doward Masai walkers, but after Karen asked me a lot of personal questions, they decided they only wanted to interview me by myself!

To be honest, I have no idea of much that I said, and was so grateful that they asked my husband, Roger Smith, to accompany us, as he is a mine of information regarding our environment, especially as he is our local Parish Council's Footpath Officer!

The walk turned out to be a real adventure, which I won't reveal any more, as you will have to listen to the programme when it'll be aired!!  All I can add is that I was very lucky to be able to give Clare a little impromptu treatment, so she had a little taster of the work I do!

Friday 18 April 2014

Emilie Conrad, Founder of Continuum Movement, June 14, 1934 - April 14, 2014.

Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum Movement, somatic pioneer, visionary mentor, passed away in her home Encino, on Tuesday 14th April 2014.

How privileged was I to have spent three full days with her last year on Emilie's very first visit to England.  I arrived a little early at the workshop on a lovely sunny spring day end of May 2013, in the middle of London.  How lucky that was as Emilie walked up to me and asked if there was anything she ought to know about me.  I told her I had two metal hips, at which she raised her eyebrows in surprise, but without judgment.

Later during the workshop she singled me out and asked me to go onto the little stage to demonstrate my range of movements, and to compare after having done some fluid movement later on.

Another lucky moment for me was when having immersed myself in my own fluid system, and allowed the movement to emerge from inside out creating gorgeous and liberating stretches, feeling my internal fascia to release, or using my own simplistic language, "feeling the internal cling-film effect", upon opening my eyes, Emilie was standing in front of me, her arms crossed on her chest, half smiling half serious she whispered to me:  "I love the way you work!"  I thanked her, and said:"You don't know how much that means to me!"

That was just one intimate moment I shared with dear Emilie, whom I, like so many other people around the world, admire.  I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to attend her workshop, at The Breath of Life conference, especially as I was one of many on her workshop's waiting list!

It was a connection of great importance to me, and reminded me of another very powerful connection I made in 2001, with my Chinese Grandmaster Yang Meijung, who opened the Wild Goose Qi Gong system to the world.  That is for another time and blog!!!

Wednesday 15th April in the evening when my True to our Roots Qi Gong group meet I had the most astounding and wonderful connection and channelling from Emilie Conrad, which I want to share with the world!

To celebrate springtime, and also Emilie's transition, we focused on the Liver with the "SSSHHH"sound, and while everyone was in open attention and waiting for our body to guide us into spontaneous self-healing and fluid movements, suddenly Emilie's face floated right in front of me!

"Biofield ....." Is what she started to say, and then in my head I quickly said to her that I found her vocabularly difficult to understand, and the next thing she said was: "I'm young, I'm free, I'm floating, I'm everywhere ....... I'm everywhere .... (Which she repeated several times like in an echo).

A bit later her face re-appeared close to mine to then merged with mine.  She said:  "I'm you ..... I'm them ...." (That was when I was observing my students/or co - Qigongers).

Later in the session I was just "pulling Qi (energy) with my breath", to raise the energy field around a person and to keep my energy levels up!  Emilie's voice came to me as strong as anything:

"You don't need to do that!  Just connect to the Source ..... to Love ....!"

At the end of our class I thanked Emilie and her reply was:


I don't profess to know Emilie as her loving students around the world or her closest family do, but I can only say that she has touched my life, my heart, I feel it in my gut (Lower Dantien), and know that we are connected for eternity.  

Her spirit will continue to inspire me as I feel will inspire everyone who has been connected with her.  

I know and trust that from now on I can continue to rely on her support, wisdom and guidance in my own expansion as we continue to explore Spontaneous Qi Gong.